Privacy Policy

This is an app-specific privacy policy and applies only for our product "Outlook Connector for Jira". Please, review this policy prior using the app.

Please also see our general privacy policy here:

General Information

The app only processes information that is located on your system.

The app saves the Jira access information (Jira URL, user name and password) for each user. Since version 3.0.0 this information is stored in a configuration file in the user's APPDATA folder. The user name, password and API token (if applicable) are encrypted using the Data Protection API (DPAPI) of Windows. For versions < 3.0.0 this information is saved in the user's email profile.

When the app is used to create issues or comments, the content of the email (including attachments) is processed locally within the app. The email (including attachments) is sent to your Jira server after confirmation by the user. Only communication with the Jira server takes place.

gesesoft does not process any data.

gesesoft does not collect any analysis data or send data to gesesoft or third parties.

An activated logging for debugging purposes does not contain personal information. Logging data is only stored at the local user profile of the current user.

Jira Cloud

The cloud version of our App is hosted at Amazon AWS (server location Frankfurt, eu-central-1). We only store the minimum of required information which is needed to run an Atlassian Cloud App. This is a client key of your Jira instance and a pair of keys to make authenticated requests to your Jira instance. The database and servers are fully encrypted (AES256). For all end-to-end communication, also within the internal AWS network, the cryptographic protocol TLS is used. We do no collect, store or process any further data.


Any questions about this privacy policy should be addressed to the contact listed here.